Weekly Wrap Up 20-26 Aug

Hey guys, I have been pretty slack on posting this week, so I am sorry about that and I am planning to get back on track for this week. I have read quite a bit this week which is always great 😀 but I do have a bit of a dilemma with one of the... Continue Reading →


Weekly Wrap Up 13-19 Aug

Hey guys, I am happy to say that I read quite a bit more this week and actually ended up finishing two books which is awesome and I am finally getting back on track with my reading 😀 I also loved both of the books that I finished this week as well as the ones... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap Up 6-12 Aug

Hey guys, this week I have been really slack with my reading, I didn't finish a single book! I am still in the middle of the two books that I had started the previous week but I only read from one of them and only about 200 pages. I think the reason that I haven't... Continue Reading →

August TBR

Hey guys, This month I am feeling inspired, I have participated in two read-a-thons last month/ the beginning of this month and the challenges have really gotten me to pick up some of the books that have been on my TBR for a very long time and most of them turned out to be five... Continue Reading →

Booktubeathon TBR

Hey guys. It is almost time for the BookTubeathon to start so I thought that I should probably put my TBR up now. So if you didn't know the BookTubeathon starts on the 30th of July and runs until the 5th of August, this read-a-thon has seven challenges that I will go though now and... Continue Reading →

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