September Wrap Up

Hey guys, I know it is almost half way through the month but I still have not posted my wrap up for September and so I thought I better get around to it before it is time for me to do an October wrap up 😀 I have actually been getting back into reading after... Continue Reading →


October TBR

Hey guys, this year has absolutely flown by and it is already October!! I am way behind on my reading goals so with this month I am going to try and do some catching up. I had thought that because it was October I should theme my TBR and read some thriller or horror books... Continue Reading →

September TBR

Hey guys and welcome to a very late September TBR. It is now half way through the month and I am only now getting around to posting my TBR, yes I am a mess but better late than never right? 😀 So as we are quite a bit into the month I thought that I... Continue Reading →

August Wrap Up

Hey guys, August has absolutely flown by and I cannot believe how far through the year we are, I feel like I should be doing my Christmas shopping already 😀 I am not going to lie I have had a very bad month reading wise, I have been in such a bad reading slump lately... Continue Reading →

August Book Haul

Hey guys, you might not know but for the past month or so I have been moving house, and while I was doing that I wasn’t buying any books because then I would just have to move them as well. But now I have finally finished moving and so I treated myself to some of... Continue Reading →

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