Top 5 Books I Don’t Talk About Enough | T5T

Hey guys it is Tuesday, it comes around every week and it is back! 😀 So it is time to post another Top 5 Tuesday post. If you don’t already know the Top 5 Tuesday meme was created by Shanah over at the BionicBookWorm, and each week we get a bookish topic to talk about. This weeks topic is top 5 books I don’t talk about enough. I feel like all I ever do is talk about the same books sometimes so I am really excited to talk about some books that I kind of forget about some times but absolutely love! 😀 So lets get into some of the books that I don’t talk about enough;


The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I first read this book in my last year of high school, it was my assigned reading for the year and I had to write many essays on the novel. I think the reason that I love it so much is because of the amount of study that I did on it, we really delved into the story and I had to memorize quotes from the novel for any essay’s that I had to write in exams so it just really stuck with me. Every time I re-read this book it gives me chills, there are so many amazing quotes and the story line is so incredibly beautiful and sad and I just love it sooo much.


The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas

I am actually still behind on this series even though the series is now complete. I have been meaning to get to the last two books for so long but have just never gotten around to it. I love this series especially as it goes on and the world just expands in so many ways. Queen of Shadows has been my favourite so far, it was a real turning point in the series and so much happens in that novel. I really need to finish all of the books so that I can gush about them all and finally know how it ends 😀


The Age of X series by Richelle Mead

This was a really exciting series full of gods, religion, and magic and I loved it all. Richelle Mead actually stopped writing the books part way through the series because it had low sales and the publishers didn’t want to go ahead with the last novel because if that. I am just hoping that if I talk about it enough maybe I will finally get a resolution to the series as right now we are stuck on a cliff hanger 😀


The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series by Laini Taylor

I read this series a couple of years ago now and it has actually been the series that took me the longest to complete, I read them all one after the other and it took three months to finish the series, but it was worth it! I absolutely love this series, it was so incredibly interesting and has one of the best magic systems I have ever read. The characters are also amazing and funny and are one of the best aspects of the novel especially the side characters, I actually enjoyed them more than our main characters.


The Wichlands series by Susan Denard

This is another series that I have not caught up on, I still need to read Bloodwitch but I think that I have hyped it up too much in my mind because I love this series so I can’t get myself to read it! I love the world and the magic system in this series and once again our main characters are fantastic. I really just need to get to the next book and hopefully soon 😀

Thank you for reading!


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