Reading Goals For 2019

Hey guys, 2019 is finally here and I have started to think about the bookish goals that I want to set for myself this year. I achieved almost all of my goals last year and I was really happy with that, but for this year I wanted to set some different goals and hopefully achieve them too 😀 So lets get into some of the reading goals that I am setting myself this year;

Read 70 Books

In 2018 my reading goal was 40 books and I ended up reading 72! So this year I have decided to increase my goal to 70. My reading goal last year really made me want to read and motivated me really well for the first half of the year before I reached the 40 books, so I have decided to have a high goal this year to hopefully keep me motivated throughout the whole year. I think that I should be able to reach the 70 book mark again this year and I am really excited to get started 😀

Read All Of The Books In My TBR Challenge

If you guys didn’t know I am doing a TBR challenge this year where I have to read all of the unread books that were in my book hauls from exactly two years ago. This challenge was 100% inspired by BooksandLala on YouTube and I think that it is an excellent way of getting me to the books that I have owned for years and have not read yet. My goal with this is to read all of the books that I set myself with the TBRs.

Catch Up On All Of Cassandra Clare’s Books

I absolutely love Cassandra Clare’s shadowhunter series but I haven’t read any of them since 2014 when City of Heavenly Fire was released. I have really fallen behind on reading her series and now the whole Dark Artifices series has been released and I just need to get to them!!! I have been putting them off because they are huge and I did want to re-read the Mortal Instruments series first but now I have just decided to read them now and I am sure that I will love them all 😀

Write A Review For Each Book That I Read

At the end of 2018 I got pretty behind on writing my reviews, and I now have a backlog of 10 books to write reviews for. I do really enjoy writing reviews for the books that I read because it always makes me feel really accomplished when I write and post them 😀 So this year I am hoping to write my reviews within a week of finishing the book

Get Down To 200 Physical Unread Books On My Shelves

At the moment I have 258 physical unread books on my bookshelves, which I know is a lot so this year I want to try and read those books because I already own them so I really should read them first. I also want to try and not buy too many books, which I don’t think will be hard because I don’t often buy books anymore. The reason I am only trying to get down to 200 is because getting any lower than that is quite unrealistic for this year, but eventually I want to get my physical unread books down to around 50, lets hope that one day I will be able to achieve that 😀

Read More Science Fiction

Last year I found my love of science fiction books, I had always been in love with science fiction movies but I had always thought that books would be too dense for me to enjoy them but I was definitely wrong! So this year I really want to read more from this genre, I am hoping to get to at least 10 or 15 books for this one.

What are some of your guys reading goals for this year?

Thank you for reading!


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