Down Among The Sticks And Bones Review

Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire

I am only doing a spoiler section for this review just because it is the second book in the series and I really cant talk about it at all without giving spoilers for the first book. So if you haven’t read this book yet I would not recommend reading my review until you have 😀

Spoiler Section

I gave this book five stars just like the first book and I loved it just as much if not more than the first one. Before going into this book I knew that it was a prequel where we follow Jack and Jill in their world, and if I am being honest I wasn’t that excited for it since we have already been told quite a lot about their backstory but I was so WRONG! I loved getting to see their lives so in depth and how the choices that they made led to them going back to the normal world.

It was interesting to see their lives before they went to the Moors and really understand what drew them to it. They really had no say in their own lives or the types of people that they were going to be, they were just used by their parents to bring out and showcase to their friends and colleagues when necessary. I loved the fact that it was their grandmother’s trunk that led them to the Moors, she was the only person that had truly loved them and had put that truck there filled with clothes and toys for the girls to play with, but they ended up with so much more out of it. This section was a little slower and did take up more of the book than I expected but we really go into detail with their family and upbringing which was interesting to see.

We see so much more of the girls personalities throughout this book and I loved that. Jack is so incredibly compassionate towards her sister and so many of her choices were based around what would be better for Jill. Whereas Jill became a monster in more ways than one, she showed a lot of anger towards Jack for reasons that were outside of her control but that Jill just didn’t understand and became quite a selfish and uncaring person  in the end.

I loved getting to see the dark and creepy world of the Moors, it had this really cool ambience to it and gave me chills in parts. I loved learning about all of the aspects that had only just been eluded to in the first book, such as the ‘master’ who was a vampire and also seemed to some how both protect and terrify the town that he took care of. I also really enjoyed seeing the doctor Bleck, he was really the father that Jack had wanted and gave her the chance to learn and use her intelligence.

The romance in this book was unexpected because it was never mentioned in the first book but I can definitely see why it wasn’t. I absolutely loved the relationship between Jack and Alexis. I loved how Alexis understood all of Jack’s eccentricities and really went to great extremes to be with her. Her death had me in tears, they had been through so much as Jill just comes along and ruins everything. I really couldn’t see how Jack didn’t hate her sister afterwards, I mean I know that she felt responsible in some way and also felt bad for her but she KILLED her girlfriend, I think that outweighs everything else.

The only thing that I was slightly let down by is that I hoped that we would see Jack and Jill after the events in the first book and really get to see what happens to them once they go back to the Moors. I am really hoping that we get to see them again in another book because they are my favourite characters from this series.

I loved this book and I actually love every book in this series and would 100% recommend it. It can be a bit nonsensical and weird at parts but honestly that is what makes it so enjoyable for me, we need some more books that are different and new otherwise everything just feels the same after a while 😀

Thank you for reading!


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