A Closed and Common Orbit Review

A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers

I am only doing a spoiler section for this review just because it is the second book in the series and I really cant talk about it at all without giving spoilers for the first book. So if you haven’t read this book yet I would not recommend reading my review until you have 😀

Spoiler Review

I absolutely loved this book and gave it five stars, I really cant decide at the moment but I may like this one even more that the first, I really cant decide because I love them both so much. The writing style is so easy to read from and Becky Chambers makes all of the scientific side of her books really easy to understand which I really appreciate in science fiction. I also love how she builds up these characters and worlds that have so much depth that they honestly feel real.

Once again I loved seeing so much more from the species of aliens in this book, it is just so interesting to learn about all of these different cultures and ways of thinking. I don’t know how Becky Chamber’s gets them all to have such detailed cultures and religions it is extremely fascinating and I could honestly read a full textbook about all of them and be incredibly happy.

When I first went into this book I was a little disappointed because I had become so attached to our group of characters from the first book and we don’t get to follow them in this one, but I soon fell in love with our new characters. We see Lovelace and Pepper in the first book but they are only minor characters and at the end of The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet we see how Lovelace looses all of her memories and basically becomes a new person and we just follow on straight from there.

These books are very character driven especially this one as we go in depth into Pepper’s past as well as seeing Lovelace/ Sidra in her new life. I loved how in this book we really got to see Pepper’s backstory, she was one of the characters that interested me the most since there seemed to be a lot to her story.

Pepper, I think may be my favourite character out of them all. I loved watching her grow throughout this book, she went through so many hardships but it really strengthened her to the point where she could take care of herself and get her, Blue and Owl off that horrible planet. I loved watching her learn new things about the other species and planets as well as just the basic things that she had been deprived of, like the sky.  I also really enjoyed watching her go through the different stages of her life especially when she was an unruly teenager playing adult video games, swearing and just becoming a moody teen. I absolutely adored Owl as well, no matter what she was always there for Pepper to help her though everything in such a kind and motherly way that she had never felt before which made it all the more heartwarming to watch.

I loved seeing Sidra’s growth throughout the book and how she came to realise that she is so much more than what she was created to be and could do anything she chooses with her life. I really enjoyed the way she and Tak talked about tattoos, how she felt this disconnect between her mind and her body and that she could help this by showing something of herself on the kit, I really liked that idea and I think some people do feel that way when they get tattoos, I wouldn’t get any myself because dear god I pass out when I get injections but I think it is such a sweet idea.

I really enjoyed the relationships in this book. Sidra and Tak had such a great friendship and I loved watching them hang out together, how they pushed Sidra out of her comfort zone to try new things but was always there to help in it went wrong. Sidra and Pepper’s relationship was another one that I loved to watch, Pepper put up with so much from Sidra but she really understood how she felt because she felt the exact same way once and Owl was always there to help her. In the beginning Pepper was helping Sidra because she felt a sort of obligation that she had to pay forward because of Owl, but it became a true friendship and they ended up giving each other so many things that they both needed.

The ending of this book made me so incredibly happy, Sidra has now found her purpose in the bar and talking and learning about other people but especially being in a place where she can have cameras everywhere with the robot pets to give herself the feeling of safety that she has been looking for all along. I also love how Owl is there too, she will never be alone again and her and Sidra have each other at times when they really need another AI to talk to. Every one is happy and has found their meaning in life and its just so great to watch 🙂

This is definitely a series that I will recommend to anyone that wants a more laid back science fiction read where we just follow the characters in their day-to-day lives but with so much interest and excitement in them 😀

Thank you for reading!


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