Weekly Wrap Up 5-11 Mar

I know this is a little late going up but the internet was not my friend while I was on holiday lol. So this week I really did not get much reading done. I have been travelling and visiting friends and family and have really had no time to read unfortunately, I was really hoping that I would read on the plane but I don’t really do well with planes so I couldn’t. But oh well I am hoping for a much better reading week once I get back home again 🙂 So here are the books that I kind of read this week;

What I Read This Week

I actually didn’t finish any books this week unfortunately

What I Am Currently Reading


The Goosegirl by Shannon Hale

I really haven’t read very much of this book and I am actually thinking of putting it down at the moment. If you didn’t already know from my last weeks Top 5 Tuesday post I went to the book launch for Obsidio and got all of my books signed by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman!!! It was fantastic and I loved hearing them talk about their books. Anyway, straight after the event I had to get on a plane so I handed off my precious books to my parents who took them home for safe keeping since I didn’t want to read any of them during my trip incase the travel ruined my enjoyment of the books. So as soon as I get home I am picking up Obsidio and not putting it down until I have finished it!! 🙂 I will pick up the Goosegirl again later but if I am being honest my highest priority will always be Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman’s books 🙂

Scales of Empire by Kyle Chan

I have been reading this for awhile and I about 1/5 of the way through (it’s a pretty long book) but honestly I am not really enjoying it. I’m finding that I have quite a few problems with the writing style and the storytelling in this book and it is making me take longer to get through it since I am really not liking it. Since this is my first book to review from Netgalley I feel like I should stick it out and get to the end just so I can write a detailed review for the book but I feel like it is taking up so much of my time to read it. What do you guys think I should do? Or what do you guys do when you get books for review and just don’t really like them?

Thank you for reading


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