2018 Bookish Resolutions

Hey everyone 🙂

I’m slightly late to putting up my new years resolution post but I have just been super busy with moving and not having my books so I was putting it off a little bit, but now I have finally decided on my goals for the year. So here are the things that I want to achieve this year with my reading;

Read 40 Books

I had the same goal for last year and unfortunately didn’t make it 😦 I only got to 36 books read. However this year I have finally finished university and now have a lot more free time to read!! 🙂 so for this year I am really hoping to meet this goal and maybe surpass it 🙂

Finish Or Catch Up On 10 Series

I decided on this goal because I have quite a few series that I have started and not yet finished or caught up on yet. But it is also because of the huge amounts of series that I own and really need to read. I’m the kind of person who really has no self control when it comes to buying books, so I end up buying books and they just sit on my shelf for a very long time, the reason for it sitting unread for so long is because I also like marathoning series, so I like to have the series completely finished before I start to read it so that I can get through it all in one go. But booklovers out there will realise that authors typically write one book per year which means that I would have to wait several years with these books on my shelf until I can read them!! This this year I am planning on stopping that and just reading whatever books I want to, if they are part of a finished series or not.

Read More Standalones

I chose this one honestly because I really don’t read enough standalone novels. I really enjoy getting to follow characters throughout multiple books and really getting to see them develop, but I have also really loved some standalones and I think that if I give them a chance I will really enjoy them (even if I will still want more from them). I’m thinking of setting a 7 book goal for this one which will probably have a lot of overlap with my next goal.

Read More Contemporaries 

This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with the previous one as I never really read standalone novels and contemporaries are often standalones. I did read a lot of them and really loved them as a teenager before I found fantasy and I really want to get back to them and see if I have that same love for them now 🙂

Properly Participate In Read-A-Thons

This is one that I want to start soon since the Winter Biannual Bibliothon starts on January 20th. I have tried to participate in read-a-thons before but I was always too busy and didn’t have the motivation, but this year I really want to get into them and read as much as I can within their time periods as well as complete as many challenges as I can.

Be More Critical With My Ratings

This is something that I really need to be more vigilant of this year. The majority of my ratings from last year were five stars but there was also a lot of difference between how much I enjoyed all of those books. I tend to give books a five star rating if I enjoyed them instead of the four stars that I should probably give them since I didn’t enjoy them as much as others. I am also planning on using half stars this year so that I can really show how much I enjoyed the book.

Read More

This one is just a general goal. I really want to spend more time reading instead of watching television or playing games. If I am being honest I have become kind of lazy with not having to read to get my enjoyment, instead I just watch it and I can multi-task at the same time.

What are your reading goals for 2018?

Thank you for reading! 🙂


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